Learn More About Our Springs

If you are working in agriculture, or water quality, are a community member, student, or educator, we have resources for you. Dive into productive conversations about our springs.

Community Members

Did you know?

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Springs are a good indicator of the health of our groundwater, the source of 90% of Florida drinking water.
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April is Florida Springs Protection Awareness Month, but the Suwannee River Water Management District works on springs water quality year-round.
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The Clean Waterways Act addresses septic tanks, wastewater treatment, stormwater runoff and agriculture – and conserve our state’s natural resources.
Testing Water at Suwannee River Springs

Take The Plunge

Read the flyer about our 3-step pledge to preserve and protect our springs – learn how you can do your part.

How Monitoring Helps

Learn about the data SRWMD collects and how it’s used to monitor events, conditions and water quality changes.

Water Data

Learn about the SRWMD’s water monitoring efforts, and stay up to date with out monthly reports on regional water conditions.

Students & Educators

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kids running and playing, enjoying, Suwannee river springs
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Nutrients make plants grow. When there are excess nutrients, too many plants grow, and spring water quality goes down.
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The Suwannee River Water Management District monitors rainfall, river discharge, groundwater levels, surface conditions and water use to keep an eye on springs water quality.
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Florida has the most springs of any state in the nation with over 450 springs in the Suwannee River region alone. They have attracted visitors since prehistoric times.

Kids’ Activity Book

Learn about our springs and farms through fun activities. Bellamy Beaver will teach you all about aquifers and where spring water flows.

Water Quality 101

All the background you need to teach and learn about water quality, the water cycle and how
springs form.

Kids' Worksheets

It’s time to Dive Into mad libs or a springs word search. These worksheets are great for printing and learning at home.

Agriculture Industry

Did you know?

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There are 8,411 farms within the Suwannee River Water Management District – that’s 18% of the farms in the state of Florida.
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Dairy, poultry and crop farmers are managing nutrients with water conservation techniques, saving 11.8 million gallons per day – 67.7 water withdrawn for permitted agriculture.

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New “pump and treat” technology removes 40-80% of the nitrogen from groundwater, keeping it out of the aquifer and our springs.
Bird at Suwannee River

Your Ag Team

Our agriculture producers are essential to our community, and we want to work together on water conservation.

High Tech Farming

These farmers are using water management technology to protect land for use now and preserve it into the future.

Suwannee River Partnership

Nearly 20 organizations are dedicated to improving water issues in the Suwannee and Santa Fe River Basin.

Visit the District’s website to read about our latest initiatives.

A Shared Responsibility

Working on Water Quality

We have so many fellow stewards in protecting Florida water quality. The Protecting Florida Together state partnership between the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Department of Health demonstrates the importance of water quality in waterbodies statewide. Data collected from SRWMD helps these agencies notify the public and find solutions for water quality issues statewide.

Photo Gallery

Suwannee Springs
Boy Playing in water at the springs
Bird Flying Over Suwannee River
Plants at Suwannee
Boy playing underwater in bubbles at Suwannee River Springs
Suwannee Springs Boy Playing in water at the springs Bird Flying Over Suwannee River Plants at Suwannee Boy playing underwater in bubbles at Suwannee River Springs